24th June 1917 (Sunday)

The Battalion was now completely ‘at rest’.  Not even Church Parade with its inevitable regimentation.  Unfortunately the day was spoilt for me when detailed as mess orderly.  A duty all detested, although if the cooks were in a good mood it had its compensations.  The worst part of cookhouse fatigue was the cleansing of innumerable pots, bins and other utensils without the aid of either hot water or cleansing materials.  Gritty earth and newspaper had to suffice for the removal of half an inch of cold, solid grease and the Sergeant expected miracles.  The only bright spot of the day was cheerful music played on the bayonet course by the Divisional Band from 2 until 4:30 pm.

Mess orderly.
No church parade.
Divisional Band 2-4:30pm. "The Broken Doll" (1)

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(1) 'A Broken Doll' - a song popular during World War 1. Written by Clifford Harris and composed by Jas W. Tate. 1916.