26th June 1917

The evening was dry and a session on the range was welcomed by the snipers of B Company but not by the markers assigned for duty fiddling with paste pot and little pieces of paper whilst others had the fun of an attractive pastime.  The exercise became even more arduous when the Lewis Gun team held a practice shoot because there was always the chance of ricochets.  The weather being fine the Officers of B Company strolled up to watch and also to pop off a few shots with their Webleys.

At the end of our shoot the markers were relieved of their duties and the snipers moved down to the butts, a degrading duty we thought for specialists of our calibre but the man on the next target to mine was quite pleased with the opportunity unexpectedly presented.  He was a truculent individual and it was apparent that his rebellious attitude to Army discipline had not gone unnoticed in the past.  The Officers produced their Webleys and a running commentary by my friend on the right went somewhat as follows.  “Who’s this – it’s that old bastard X, got an ‘inner’ has he – I’ll give him an ‘outer’.  Here comes Lieutenant Y – first one an ‘outer’ - nice fellow Lieutenant Y – I’ll give him a ‘bull’ – no, mustn’t overdo it – give him an ‘inner’.”  ‘Rebellious’ continued in the same strain for all his customers and at the finish he was eminently satisfied having blasted several reputations in the Mess and provided a minor boost to the morale of the less competent.

7am physical fatigue dismantling German wire.
On range. 32 points. 2 - 6pm.

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