16th July 1917

Sick again and missed sniping parade.
Route march full pack 8:30am-11:30am.
Brigade sports. Grand Rullecourt.
The colonel a first. QWR Cookers second.

Original diary entry
Original journal notes

"The Battalion sports were held in the grounds of the Chateau at Grand Rullecourt on July 14th, and these were followed by a Brigade horse show on the 16th, and by a Brigade sports meeting on the next day. A spirit of enthusiasm and light-heartedness, which is difficult for those who have not experienced the ups and downs of war fully to realise, was in the air, and never was a series of entertainments more thoroughtly enjoyed."
Excerpt from "The War History of the 1st Battalion Queen's Westminster Rifles 1914-1918" [ISBN 1-84342-610-2]

Google Maps entry for the Chateau de Grand Rullecourt here